Case size = 6 units


CBD Luxe has embraced the ancient are of Chinese Herbal Medicine and combined it with the efficacious Phyto Cannabinoids of the Hemp Plant. Dominant in CBD and rich in other hemp based cannabinoids, CBDLuxe utilizes a proprietary blend of Chinese Herbs and Hemp Oil to create on of the most potent and effective therapeutic topicals available. We created a warming therapy (Be Fire) formulation for longer term afflictions and treatment.


With a convenient, easy open, leak proof, PET, double walled salve jar one can administer as much or as little topical salve as they wish to any effected area. Formulated with a blend of hyperactive transdermal oils and herbs to penetrate the skins surface with maximum potency. Once again, CBD Luxe continues to deliver the most efficacious, easily used CBD products available.


Standard unit MSRP: $29.99

CBD Luxe Chinese Herbal Infused Salve - Be Ice - 1 oz


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